Join the Waitlist

Get in the priority queue for the Winzer sale on August 08th!

Why Join Waitlist?

Only members of the waitlist will be able to participate in the sale.
The earlier member joined waitlist, the earlier they will receive their invite to the sale!

Can I climb up to in the priority list?

Yes! By spreading the word!

After joining waitlist and confirming your email you will receive a link you can share with your friends - by having your friends join the waitlist too, your position will increase!

You will also receive access to the dashboard where you can track your position in the waitlist.

Why Waitlist at all?

We are planning on launching initial sale where 10% of Winzers will be sold to the early adopters.
To make sure our oldest and most devoted to the project members would be able to get some of that 10%.

How sale will work?

1. Waitlist members will receive email asking them to link their wallet address to the email couple days before sale.
2. On a sale day, we will send an invite to the actual sale for the first 100 members (number may change depending on how much members are in the list).
3. After an hour, if some of Winzers are not yet purchased - we will send invite to another 100 members of the waitlist.

We will be sending invites (3rd step) for 48 hours or until all Winzers are sold, whichever comes first.

We will release dedicated post explaining everything in detail soon!


Winzers are citizens of Winzeland. They are unique characters who work for the player.

Player must assign winzer to collect stone, smelt iron, make weapons and potions.


Winzeland is split to 10 000* pieces . Each land will offer fortunes and hardships for it's owner.


Winzeland will let you to gather resources from lands and then trade or combine them to create various items and buildings.

Join our waitlist for initial Winzer sale!