Winzeland Paper

[White]paper on how Winzeland game would work

We are working on proof of concept platform and depending on our findings this page contents may still change. Download our initial idea draft while we are working on this page.

So, what is Winzeland?

Winzeland is browser game which combines roleplaying, idle game styles and blockchain to create unique NFT powered game world on Polygon network. Characters, lands and all of Winzeland resources are NFTs that players will be able to gather and trade between friends.

Where NFTs come in?

Characters, lands, resources, buildings, potions and etc. in the Winzeland will be NFTs. We are planning on having 3 NFT smart contracts:

1. Winzers

Winzers are characters and citizens of Winzeland world. They are most important NFTs for the players because Winzers will be doing bidding of their owner:

  • Gather resources
  • Craft items, weapons and potions
  • Attack and defend settlements
  • Explore lands
  • As a citizen, has a vote power in DAO

Players will assign winzers to a job similary like staking any other NFT. What and how fast winzer will gather resources will depend on which building they are assigned and what kind of equipment they have.

It's planned to offer 100 000 winzers initially, however players will have a possibility to "marry" any two owned ones and receive third one.

Each winzer will have randomly generated looks and up to 5 skills which would make them even more special. Skill could be a blessing which enchanches winzers capabilies or curse which decreases them, for example blessing could increase winzers crafting speed by 15%, while curse would curse would decrease it.

2. Land Contracts

Winzeland is divided into land pieces which offers fortunes and hardships for it's owner:

  • Each land will have some of basic natural resources:
    • Wood
    • Stone
    • Water
    • Iron Ore
    • Gold Ore, and so on...
  • Land may have a zone where owner can build buildings and create a settlement.
  • Land may have monster camps - if they are not dealt with, will try to steal resources from winzers.
  • Lands will have different climates: having too hot or to cold climate will require player to equip winzers correctly, so they would not loose their working efficiency.

Land owners will have a chance to rent their land for other players.

It's planned to offer 10 000 lands for the players. In the event of land amount not being sufficient because of the large count of the players, Winzer DAO could vote for finding more lands in a new continent.

3. Resources

Resources will contain everything else that player can own and is not Winzer and Land in the Winzeland World:

  • Basic resources like: wood, stone, clay and iron ore;
  • Resources such as: planks, bricks, iron bars or gold bars;
  • Consumables like: food, water and potions;
  • Equipment like: pickaxes, swords, armors;
  • Constructions such as: mining quary, woodcutters cut or sawmill;
  • Even farm animals

Resources can be used to craft another resources when all criterias are met:

  • Put wood on fire to create bonfire, after fire is put down you will receive some charcoal
  • Put clay to the bonfire to make clay bricks
  • Use clay bricks to construct wall
  • Put wall on your land to protect your settlement.
  • Break down wall to get back some of the clay bricks

There is virtually unlimited possibilites of how resources could be used.

Trading in Winzeland and Gubbins

Players will have ability to trade with each other in both internal marketplace and NFT trading platforms such as OpenSea.

Trade would happen by one player submitting sell order of how much of one resource they want to change to another resource.

Player A wants to trade 15 planks to 10 bricks.
Player B wants to trade 10 bricks to 3 iron bars.

Gubbins Token

Of course trading one resource to another over and over until you get what you actually want may take some time, that's why we are introducing Gubbins - currency, which will be used in the Winzeland.

Player A wants to trade 15 planks to 150 gubbins.
Player B wants to trade 10 bricks to 300 gubbins.

Gubbins token could be used when trading with other players, renting lands, paying for services and so on.

There is no plan to make an ICO or any similar sale of Gubbins token. Tokens will be minted in the game itself by burning Gold Bars that players gather from the lands. Players could also burn tokens back to the Gold Bars. Of course both minting and burning will take some of Gubbins as a fee.

Building Settlement

As mentioned before, players can build constructions in the lands (considering land have suitable place).

Constructions would be built out of resources and put on the land. There could be different types of constructions: defensive buildings, workshops or infrastructure.

Defensive Buildings

As name suggests defensive buildings would increase settlement defence making it harder for enemies to attack it.


Workshops would be buildings where players would assign (stake) their winzers, add one kind of resource and workshop would make another kind of a resource back after some time: Put 2 wood logs to the sawmill and receive 1 wood plan after 30 minutes.

Infrastructure Buildings

Settlement infrastructure would add some bonuses for settlements. For example we could have winzer (lets call him Picker) assigned to move resources from one workshop to another so player would not be required to add resources to the workshop manually.

For example, if player has two buildings Woodcutter's Hut which allows Winzer to chopdown forest for the wood logs and a Sawmill which would allow Winzer to make wood planks out of the wood logs.

Without a Picker, player would have to take wood logs from Woodcutter's Hut and place it to the Sawmill so it would make wood planks manually. But Picker could do this for the player, automating process.

Governance with DAO

Winzeland will be governed by the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). That means that players will have a power to propose and vote for the game rule changes.

Rules that could be changed includes but are not limited to:

  • Minting more Winzers;
  • Preventing Winzers to have children or increasing rates of having them;
  • Minting new lands or continents;
  • Registering new winzer traits or skills;
  • Registering new game resources: weapons, buildins, potions and etc;
  • Changing how marketplace works;
  • Changing battle systems;
  • Adding new features and many more..

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